Summertime bass

summertime bass

Bass fishing in summertime is an exciting experience. Though bass are easiest to catch during the warmer months, there are a number of tips.
June is an excellent time of year to catch bass on these main-lake points in that cove do not have to swim all the way out to the main lake in the summertime.
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Autumn Leaves - Backing track / Play-along (no bass)

Summertime bass - treasure bay

Keying on the points and humps during the summer transition can put a lot of fish in the boat and allow everyone on board to get in on some of the furious fishing action to be had this time of year. It fishes quick, is great in most water conditions, is perfect for finding active bass and can be retrieved in a variety of speeds and at any depth. In summer you need to cover water quickly and locate bass. Community and Mods will review your correction and vote to approve or reject it. As with any bait this versatile, there are a million ways to select, customize and retrieve a jig to make it more effective. Locating Summer Transition Bass. The Drop Shot: Another Angler's View. Scan the bank lines between one summertime bass five feet of water. It can be paired with any number of soft-plastic trailers to customize the sink rate and add visual appeal. Different Lure Actions for Different Fish. Do Fish Say Ouch?