Puggle rescue

puggle rescue

Arizona Puggle Rescue, Inc has dogs and puppies for adoption. Adopt a pet in Tucson, Arizona.
We are 4 little puggle puppies rescued from the mills in MO. We are about 9 weeks old and are very sweet. We are going to be spayed and neutered this week.
These precious babies are male puggle puppies. They are about 9 weeks old and have tons of personality. They have some scars on the skin but it does not. But please don't stop looking for puggle rescue perfect pet! Show All Types of Pets. Fox (Neighbours) Dog For Adoption in Ogden, UT. M assachusetts Puggle Dogs. It is very important to start with a list of the traits and characteristics you are looking for in your new puggle rescue to your family to make sure the Puggle is the right fit. We do NOT negotiate adoption fees. We have also sent you a copy of the inquiry for your records.

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It is a community filled with puggle pictures, stories, and information. Try a new pet search:. If you have any additional questions about [shelter name] or would like to follow up, you may reach out to them again using the information below:. Because of the sheer volume of dogs that are constantly being added to the population, there is usually a time limit on how long a shelter will hold on to a dog. Petfinder has sent your inquiry to the adoption group and [shelter name] will be in touch with you directly. We are based in Tucson, Arizona and serve the entire state. PJ a Wooftown Rescue Puggle = Adopted