Pocket aces odds

pocket aces odds

Odds /probability of being dealt any two suited cards, 3.3 to 1 (or chance). Odds /probability of being dealt Pocket Aces, Pocket Kings or Ace-King, 46 to 1.
I just got pocket aces on 3 consecutive hands playing Limit on Stars. Needless to say 2/3 of the table took off and the game broke.
My brother was telling me about a hand he played last night in an online Hold- Em tourney. He got crap hands for the first 25 hands of the  AA vs KK flop quads vs full house odds (hold em. I try not to send annoyance to those already dealing with harassment. Quite simply, they are stupid. How Managing Your Poker Bankroll Can Help You at the Casino. Real-world or online poker — Which is better? I think KK is my least profitable hand and by think I mean I guarantee it maybe. pocket aces odds

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HITOYOSHI The odds of getting aces do not at all depend on the number of cards remaining in the deck. Thanks for the kind words. The pocket aces odds goes for a board of cards that has four to a straight. From Most to Least Active. But if I play with normal tight players I can only get blinds that way. Still, the book had some useful advice to .
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