Vikings time slot

vikings time slot

History channel has announced the official release date of Vikings Update: Release Date Announced; Series To Air On New Timeslot.
Major schedule changes will be implemented when the second half of " Vikings " season 4 returns to History Channel on Nov. 30.
The second half of " Vikings " season 4 finally has a premiere date, with the historical drama set to return later in November in a new timeslot. Early this year, a rumor indicates that an alleged bastard of Ragnar from Kwenthrith will set foot on Kattegat. He also covers movie premiers and TV series. Details on the upcoming installment have yet to be revealed, but stars recently shared behind-the-scenes images via social media. Fans who are looking forward to catching the new episodes will have to take note that the schedule of the series has been changed. It's not a story of one vikings time slot, but a saga of Ragnar and his sons. Fans have also been expecting? Trump administration drops stay request in school transgender bathroom policy. Times of Vikings - Level 1

Vikings time slot - official

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vikings time slot