Ti5 compendium challenge rewards

ti5 compendium challenge rewards

So, should i go Single item or Set rewards for the compendium coins? . For both. 25 coins as a drop, (+ the bonuses) per challenge.
Goal rewards are unlocked as the overall International prize If unlocked, the reward will be given to all compendium owners.
Before each match choose which challenge you'd like to attempt. Complete it, then Earn rewards as you increase your Compendium Level.
ti5 compendium challenge rewards

Team: Ti5 compendium challenge rewards

Ti5 compendium challenge rewards 375
Online dj mixer decks Extremely rare gold version of an Immortal item in this treasure. Dropped blocks come preset with the hero that triggered the in-game event, or a random team member in the case of a group accomplishment. Effigy Block of Jade. Unlock this goal and everyone receives the Immortal Treasure III. You dont have to equip .
Ti5 compendium challenge rewards 446
They have the same restrictions as the Year Beast sets. Major events in a match where we would have previously dropped a normal item will now drop an effigy featuring the triumphant hero, or a random team member in the case of a group accomplishment. Valve said if u redeem another book it will increase book level equivalent to its. See If You Were Right When It Counted! Extremely rare golden wing weapons with custom Rocket Barrage ability effect and animation. Cant seem to look at my compendium challenges.