How to win jackpot on candy crush

how to win jackpot on candy crush

Has anyone won the jackpot on the spinning booster wheel in candy crush? I NEVER win it or know anyone who has. Is it rigged? Candy Crush Saga Game.
When you spin this booster wheel, you will win a free booster every time. There are about 10 boosters that you can win including a jackpot in which you will win.
I've never got it. Have any of you experienced the elusive jackpot winnings? Has anyone ever gotten the jackpot on the Candy Crush bonus wheel? (self. AskReddit) next to me. Iirc you win 2 of each thing on te wheel. how to win jackpot on candy crush how to get 2 spins on candy crush wheel at once Candy Crush Jelly Saga. I have been spinning the wheel for a little over a year and finally hit the jackpot! Launched over Thanksgiving weekend, Candy Crush now has a booster wheel! A crash happeneds when you get a jackpot in mobile devices. Doing this in the right way will create combos of multiple matches, which will clear the board quicker. Notify me of new posts by email.

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I spin every day but where do they show up. Never spent a cent on this game, so it isn't related to how much money you've given them. Repeat this process until you get a board that you think will be easier to clear. I too wonder if it has anything to do with buying boosters. I am also an extremely lucky person as a rule. I have spun almost every day since the wheel was introduced what, a year ago?