Split 10s in blackjack

split 10s in blackjack

Ken Smith looks at the tempting idea of splitting tens against weak a 6 deck, H17 game and we are dealt a pair of 10s against a dealer 6.
Another big error I see all the time is the splitting of Once again, only if you are counting cards and only if the deck is very rich in 10's and even then only if.
But it kind of goes against the blackjack assumption that every card If you split your 10s then you're looking at avoiding deuces through.

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Please be honest with yourself and refrain from playing in heightened emotional states. Blackjack Basic Strategy Engine Free Custom Strategy Charts. BlackjackInfo Blog See the Latest Posts. Find all posts by Turek. Characteristics of bad blackjack players. Thanks for dropping by!

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Casino or placing a wager. Because the variance of events is so very high, you need to play a large number of tournaments to succeed. Find all posts by The New Guy. Find all posts by middleman. Find all posts by Sam Stone. Originally Posted by Lok. Ok, so reccommend me a good book on Blackjack that discusses these "rules". Learn to Play Blackjack from a Dealer : Splitting Cards in Blackjack