Rainbow 7 iluv

rainbow 7 iluv

Rainbow 7 is extremely easy to install. iLuv Smart Bluetooth Multicolor Dimmable LED Light Bulb with Scheduling and.
is the smart Bluetooth light bulb that works with your iPhone or smartphone to change color, control light, and schedule light.
In this video I review the competitor to the philips hue, the iLuv rainbow 7. Most Helpful Customer Review. All iLuv products are conceived, designed and developed in New York and continue to lead in quality, value, design and innovation. Apple HomeKit technology is the name for Keyword tool google home automation framework. Go to App store and search "Rainbow by iLuv" and install the app. Itews in Your Cart. Smartphone-Controlled Multicolor LED Light Bulb. iLuv Aud Mini Party & Aud Mini 6 Party LED Light Show Portable Bluetooth Speaker