Flexbar red or green

flexbar red or green

After failure of all tradition treatments I found this FlexBar with very good feedback from people so I bought the Red & Green Flex bar.
The Red, light FlexBar is ideal for older populations with arthritis, while the Green , medium FlexBar is ideal.
TheraBand ™ FlexBar ® is a flexible, durable resistance device with a ridged surface FlexBar takes 6 lb. of force to bend to a u-shape, Red 10 lb., Green 15 lb.

Flexbar red or green - free-slots

Should the thera-band be used now or in the future.? I suppose the alternative would be to do the therapy on one arm then switch to the other after several weeks. I mean straightening the hand and twisting which pains, should be avoided or I can do them? Last question, I promise :. I have a question in regards to playing guitar while using the Flexbar. RMI check fount tendon damage , partial.