Dragon story diamond dragon

dragon story diamond dragon

I've finally come to the conclusion that I am just not going to be one of those lucky people who get to own a Diamond dragon. No whining. Just having my say. Breeding Diamond Dragons.
The Diamond Dragon is an ultra rare dragon available at level 10 in Dragon Story. The Diamond Dragon is bred using two dragons that collectively make up at.
Leave a like, it really helps ;) Thank you! WB Show Merchandise https://shop. worldofdiscovery.info. When you crossed Right-heart dragon Left-heart fire opals hunting with a Tropical Dragon gets only two combinations: Athletic dragon and Diamond! I have been trying since it has been out with no luck. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. They're indestructible from birth. This dragon is classified as ultra rare, and may require multiple breeding attempts. How do you have the gamedata?

Dragon story diamond dragon - mahjong dark

Will update if I get either. I think the rarity of dragons in the nest is quite important. I'd like a Diamond Dragon, but with those odds, and my luck, I will learn to live without it! Dragon Story: About Breeding Dragons. Wait for the Diamond Dragon to hatch.

Dragon story diamond dragon - march

I don't have a diamond either, but I started this game "only" some months ago, I can enjoy it without diamond so far.. The Diamond Dragon egg is pale yellow in color, and features a pale turquoise diamond atop blue ocean waves. We have a modified experience for viewers using ad blockers. You're right you need luck too, a lot of my neighbours don't have diamond and they're high level players.. In that case I haven't a snowball's chance in a volcano of ever having one Diamond Dragon. Cant find any fitting dragons Sometimes what this crazy game does is give you dragon without the combinations. Yes, our hacks is totally undetected, you account will never be banned because of our hacks! dragon story diamond dragon