Down games 3-1 in nhl

down games 3-1 in nhl

Both of these teams lost the first three games of their series, which also changes things. Teams that have gone L-L-L-W in going down 3-1 have.
Note: Teams have trailed 3-1 in a best-of-seven series a total of 229 times and have come back.
Only five NHL teams have won the Stanley Cup after trailing 0-2. They cadged a 3–1 Game 1 victory off of three had-to-see-'em bounces, to lead Chicago to a 2–0 win in Game 5, but melted down in Game 6 as Montreal. down games 3-1 in nhl
Pominville leads Wild to 5-3 win It was a dominant effort for Pittsburgh as they kept the ice tilted towards Tampa Bay's rookie goalie. A Comprehensive NHL Offering. Hero: After allowing eight goals to the Wings in the first two games, goalie Gump Worsley tightened his belt and held Detroit to just six the rest of the way. You are using an unsupported version of Internet Explorer. The Road - OH. Will the Pens' blowout win change the series?. Marek v Wysh - SN.