Chinese symbols for immortal

chinese symbols for immortal

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Xian is a Chinese word for an enlightened person, translatable in English as: " spiritually . In Chinese art, xian are often pictured with symbols of immortality including the dragon, crane, fox, white deer, pine tree, peach, and mushroom.
Click Here to view the example page for all seven calligraphic styles, horizontal and vertical alignments, traditional and simplified Chinese symbols (16 clip-art. chinese symbols for immortal I heard how once Red Running status trackid=sp-006 had washed the world's dust off:. Spiritualized Man, P'eng-lai, and the rest are features of a genre which is meant to entertain, disturb, and exalt us, not to be taken as literal hagiography. I visited Fu Yue, bestriding a dragon. But if you try to know it, you have already departed from it. Two linguistic hypotheses for the etymology of xian involve the Arabic language and Sino-Tibetan languages. Pendant with the Chinese Characters for Immortal. Chinese symbols for immortal, everlasting.
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