Video quadski

video quadski

The Quadski is the world's first sports amphibian. The Quadski reaches speeds of on both water and land and transitions between them Quadski video.
Gibbs Sports Amphibians, the pioneering global leader in High Speed Amphibian (HSA) technology, redefines.
Gibbs Sports / USA, world first personal amphibians QUADSKI by Ogem Group as Euroasia Disclaimer: The pictures, videos and text on Quadski SAR

Video quadski - official

Failure to follow safe riding practices can result in SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. GIBBS continues to innovate and explore the potential of the versatile Quadski. ALWAYS use common sense and operate with caution, ride within your limits, operate at a safe speed and safe distance from other vehicles and watercraft and wear appropriate safety gear. Custom colors available including. GIbbs Sports Product Line-Up. Learn more, including about available controls: Cookies Policy. Mature content filter: None. Conceptual work is underway on video quadski applications for professional and recreational use. Custom colors available including. Made with in NYC. Fenomenal, tenho de ter uma!!!