Liar s poker pdf

liar s poker pdf

Liar's Poker chronicles the rise and fall of Salomon Brothers: its infamous swagger, its aggressive expansion and subsequent decline. The book is written from.
The name of the book is derived from a game called Liar's Poker, which is a of Liar's Poker against the head trader at the firm for an amount of one million.
I Chapter One Liars Poker IT WAS sometime early in the first year of the decline of my firm, Salomon Brothers. Our chairman, John Gutfreund, left his desk. About a quarter of the people with whom I. And we were Wall Street's. You'd make a stupid joke. He went on-line. Who better than Meriwether for the purpose? Sutfreund's trading floor, where stocks and bonds are.

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Contrary to what we. And there was no doubt in my mind that this unusually forceful product of the..... He lent a few hundred million dollars each day to South American countries. People like John Meriwether believed that Liar's Poker had a lot in. After enough firms became involved with mortgage bonds, prices stabilized, and the bonds eventually traded like any others. liar s poker pdf