Hot shots secret oil additive

hot shots secret oil additive

Every order receives two FREE 8 OZ bottles of our newest oil additive: FR3. . Dear Hot Shot's, I would like to extend my appreciation to Stiction Elimination.
Buy Hot Shot's Original Stiction Eliminator - Secret Diesel Oil Additive 64 Oz. HSS by Lubrication Specialties Inc. for only in Automobile - Motor - Oils.
Find Hot Shot's Secret Stiction Eliminator, 64 oz. in the Automotive AdditivesAutomotive Additive | Brand: Hot Shot's Secret | Warranty: Limit. Cleans turbo, o-rings, and oil pump; Improves power and compression; Reduces filter and valve.
Performance shops have it. I do intend on using the product from time to time. Important Made in USA Origin Disclaimer:. Pour one treatment of our Original Stiction Eliminator into your oil BEFORE replacing your injectors. Rev X is the better option of those two by far. hot shots secret oil additive