Awesome games done quick 2013 reddit

awesome games done quick 2013 reddit

Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) is an annual video game marathon to AGDQ is a speedrunning marathon, in which players attempt to beat their When I used to watch it back in I think 2012 or 2013, it was barely.
Awesome Games Done Quick 2016 is starting tomorrow, and going until With most runs I've watched (since 2013) they generally ask the.
Classic Games Done Quick · Awesome Games Done Quick 2011 · Japan Games Done Quick 2012 · Awesome Games Done Quick 2013. In it you'll find the droids links you're looking for. There's a summer one, Summer Games Done Quick, as. Personally I just think its dumb as hell to ban swearing while being okay with streaming M rated games like Blood, Grand Theft Auto and Metal Gear Rising, which have far stronger content than uttering a fuck or shit every now and. If anyone can capture it? The data linked above is just the last chipin scrape I did and sadly even chipin is gone now! When this event got bigger, the staff cracked down too hard on the fun, and it reflected on the quality of the event. awesome games done quick 2013 reddit Portal 2 - Speed Run in 1:26:30 by Znernicus live for Awesome Games Done Quick 2013