Schlotzskys bread recipe sourdough

schlotzskys bread recipe sourdough

How to make Schlotzsky's Deli Bread Visit my official recipe blog http:// My best.
This is a clone of the bread for Schlotskys sandwich bread. It also makes wonderful See the recipe for the muffalata filling that is outstanding on this sandwich.
The most unique feature in Schlotzsky's is their sourdough bread. Yes, The author in the original recipe says the dough is almost batter like.

Game: Schlotzskys bread recipe sourdough

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schlotzskys bread recipe sourdough

Schlotzskys bread recipe sourdough - high5casino

This is a springy bread that is fabulous out of the oven. I've made this twice. Sign In or Sign Up. Facebook The Hungry Hoarder. The first night we had Schlotzsky original sandwiches by melting cheddar cheese on one half... Going to tweak it for pumpernickel next.