Michael jackson spin

michael jackson spin

Mix - Michael Jackson - Spin Collection Part TOP 10 - Michael Jackson's Best Moves (Thank You.
It's easier than you think to spin like Michael Jackson - see how in this video.
Videoclip to help assist those attending Michael Jackson dance classes with Phillip Dang. These routines. michael jackson spin Do an arm roll dance with Tabitha Lupien. Start by facing. A smooth floor and smooth shoe soles helps you achieve the multiple spins. Click to share your thoughts. Send fan mail to authors. Record yourself while practicing with a smartphone, camera, or video recorder to get a better look at yourself later. Dance the drum and bass X-Step Training.

Michael jackson spin - contesting will

A pair of flat dress shoes with a smooth sole would work well too practice in. But we decided to focus on his famous spins over the years for our latest Idolator Instant compilation. Why Are You Still Sleeping On Bibi Bourelly? Gather the momentum for your spin by using force when you kick your right leg forward and cross it over your left leg. Moon Walk like Michael Jackson.