Super handicap load data

super handicap load data

Today I ran across several pounds of Winchester Super Handicap. Exact reloading data is listed on manufacturer's websites. 20 gauge loads, I love it, it's clean burning, meters excellent and light recoil, at least in my loads   Input on loading Winchester AA Super - Handicap Powder.
Super Handicap is the same propellant used in Winchester's Super Handicap . Chart for detailed descriptions on lab shorthand contained in load data.
They don't list any reloading data for the Remington wad I like to . Back when I shot Trap, my favorite Handicap load was a load using.
You may not edit your posts. Winchester Super Handicap Powder??? Found some info on the cast boolit website. Lots of good specific advice there. Man it's hard to find powder. super handicap load data

Super handicap load data - free

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Message sent to your friend. Shot Shell Loads For Pistols. This is a very dense powder which means that the wad that you choose needs to be taller to take up all that extra space. Subscribe to this Thread…. These are also excellent shotgun shells for hunting dove, quail, ruffed grouse, and other upland game.. Microsoft 2014 Super Bowl Commercial: Empowering