Multiple deck poker hands

multiple deck poker hands

Non-standard poker hands are hands which are not recognized by official poker rules but are of four of a kind (possible in wild card and community card poker games or with multiple or extended decks), the kicker determines the winner.
Re: multi deck hold em? Not much. For example, in a 2- deck game, a flush draw would be 22 outs out of no only 5 cards play in a poker hand.
Is there anyone else who thinks playing with two decks of cards would be bluffing too cause majority of the time someone is going to have a hand. about poker, he asked me if casinos use multiple decks like black jack. lol.

Multiple deck poker hands - basketball

Business, Finance, and Investing. An ace can be either high or low in this hand. I tried to stick to the framework of basic poker hands as best I could. Straights and flushes do not count, and Aces are always low. Median Hand in Texas Hold 'Em. I'm not sure how adding more decks would affect this, however.
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