Vending machine trick code

vending machine trick code

Find vending machine. 2. Enter code: 3. Immediately push & hold the coin return button. 4. Change will fall into the tray. Retweets Likes.
How to hack a vending machine!!!! LEGIT (tricks how to) . How to hack a vending machine NEW CODES 2016.
There are two ways to hack a vending machine: 1. Using specific codes 2. Manualy (No Codes) Let's see both methods: The codes: Get.
Go at a vending machine and put a coin. Get Free Drinks from a Vending Machine. Enter the code of the desired drink or snack. You can can dump coins from the coin mechanism, and the various menu options allow you to choose which type of coins Nickels, dimes. Is hacking a Coke machine difficult?

Vending machine trick code - play now

We have spoiler tags, please use them! It was nice to have the extra change but damn it was annoying when there was a line and this guy plonks down a bunch of coin on the counter. You're safer if the little LED is telling you something. This is the greatest post ever, time to troll to teh Coke machine. Different machines may list these options in somewhat different formats, so experiment a bit to learn what each new one does. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy updated. You could use a drill and screw , but only if you want to get caught. vending machine trick code