Siberian husky wolf dog puppy for sale mn

siberian husky wolf dog puppy for sale mn

Mid content wolf hybrid puppies. Mother is 98% Mackenzie Valley Artic Tundra wolf, and the. Menahga, Minnesota » Wolfdog ».
In 1766 is when the first Wolf Dog breeding was recorded in Great Britain. It is believed that a male wolf mated with a dog identified as a Siberian Husky.
Date listed: Wolf Hybrid Puppy For Sale in NOBLESVILLE, IN She is a black with white mid content Timber Wolf with Husky. She was born.
Each puppy will go to their forever home with a puppy record book, a small bag of puppy food, and a toy scented with the smell of the mother and their litter mates. Wolf Hybrid may not be the right breed for you! S eattle Wolf Hybrid Puppies. They will melt your heart. Genetically, the wolf and the dog are the same.