Shogun showdown key card

shogun showdown key card

Im at the Shogun Showdown but don't know where to go to turn of the keycard from the old man in the shogun showdown mission is for? Shogun Showdown - Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Forum - Neoseeker.
Unlike the previous two missions, Shogun Showdown is a fun and proper level where Pick up the keycard on the shelve to your right and continue on ahead.
Sean Howard is raising funds for Shogun Showdown on Kickstarter! By adding card throwing into the mix, Shogun Showdown is a nice break from conventional games . Again, open communication with our backers is key.
Hitman - Codename 47 Walkthrough HD ENG/PL part 1 - Training (Hard) shogun showdown key card Go through them and walk toward the back entrance. After being alarmed because you pressed the button, Hayamoto will first go to the museum to pick up his precious guidance system before evacuating to the chopper. Follow him far enough back so he. Some of the warnings don't count against your stats. Back up through the door and go to the next door to the left. Objectives: Kill General Vladimir Zhupikov, secure briefcase and escape. General Forums Chat and have fun.