Novolin r vs novolog

novolin r vs novolog

Novolin R is the only option I'm finding, which seems to have a longer take Humalog or Novolog or Apidra before each meal and snack or Novolin R / Humulin R (regular insulin) vs Novalog/Humalog (rapid acting insulin).
Aspart (Novolog). Lispro (Humalog). Regular (Novolin R). Intermediate-acting. Insulin: NPH (Novolin N,. Humulin N). Long-acting Insulin: Glargine (Lantus).
Aspart (Novolog ™). Novolin R ™ or. Humulin R™). hour $53 (10 ml vial Humulin or Novolin). $121 (5x3 ml Novolin. novolin r vs novolog