Light fairy vs fairy queen

light fairy vs fairy queen

Neal or start with Fairy Queen now? she cant be everywhere, but she can be useful some case, when the enemy is heavy light or dark team.
As title says, just wondering who is planning to use fairy queen, and how? To me, light howl seems like a better option than fairy queen.
I have a water fairy, water epikion priest, and the fairy Queen. PS: Good Healer to look out for are Ahman (Light Bearman) and Belladeon. Would try to get them along the way. Neal is pretty niche. Light Fairy Queen — Fran Review. EN [Global] Giants farming. I'm looking for a monster which could replace konamiya. Account GIVEAWAYS are acceptable. Fran is useful in a wider variety of situations as her AoE heal and buff is beneficial to any team.

Light fairy vs fairy queen - deposit

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