Ko count blackjack the forum

ko count blackjack the forum

Can somebody give me a nice link that teaches the KO card counting system in Knock Out Blackjack, and also Ken and Olaf, the designers of the KO Count. Ace side count strategies.
I was asked by a friend a few weeks ago to take a look at his new book "The Color of Blackjack " (Archive copy). What started as a basic review.
This article will provide simulation data on the Red Seven Count for comparison to the Hi-Lo and KO counts. It will also discuss important issues in the comparison of different blackjack card counting systems. John Auston used the approach that has recently become commonly known as. Card Counting Practice for Blackjack / 21 & Speed Test

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THanks so much for all of that wealth of information. Color KO is a similar concept but there are also some differences. The book is a look into the mind of a pro player. A history of how counting developed can be seen in David Layton's documentary film The Hot Shoe. Find More Posts by morello. Send a private message to zengrifter. This in turn reduces variance and fluctuations, and increases the total advantage of the player. I have also included. In addition, since the BP's play appears random and irrational, he android free slots detection by the casinos. If you do you can produce them .