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Not gonna lie: my first impressions of Foxing 's debut LP The Albatross weren't very positive. For one thing, I was hearing whispers of "emo.
Interview with Foxing where we talk about the re-release of the The which eloquently describes the meaning of their namesake as well as . During our song, “ Rory,” the crowd absolutely erupted during the end of the song.
I wrote you a letter / asked your best friend to send it / but took to the sea before you could have read it / retreated to snowcapped waters of the unknown. It was definitely an honor to see something that we did be appreciated. I wrote you a letter. It was almost a year ago to the day that we finished tracking The Albatross. Asked your best friend to send it. FAILURE - "Come Crashing". This page is accessible to.

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After a lengthy hiatus occupied by a brief new band Year Of The Rabbit , solo endeavor and work behind the scenes in the studio the last Paramore and A Day To Remember records, to name a few , Ken Andrews has returned home to Failure. A lot of times when a record comes out late in the year, it has to take people by surprise in order for them to revise their lists. You guys also use Tumblr as a way to regularly throw out song recommendations… What have you been listening to recently? The record seemed to be composed of the prickly affectations that kept people out of the genre: needles and pins vocals, literary and precious lyrics that skewed obtuse, orchestral ambitions with thin production. It was a delicate process of simply cleaning up and bringing out certain qualities in the record that were already there. The entire process of bringing it from concept to closure took nearly a year.