What does milking the cash cow mean

what does milking the cash cow mean

Well folks, it's the same as " milking the cow. perhaps even chocolate milk, and you can make a buck off of it, then it becomes a " cash cow.
Sometimes called ' milking the cash cow ', ' milking the cow' can also be applied to any . Milk the cow means a nice financial contribution to support the arts.
When we talk about practice areas, the definition can be as broad or limited The key to milking a cash cow is to enjoy the return on previous. Discipline yourself — the time for investment is over and now is the time to yield a return. A Center for Theatre, Education, and Research. BREAKING DOWN 'Cash Cow'. In one word, describe Trump? Firms will often hang on to dogs as a means of keeping marginal partners busy under the rationale that the alternative is even less attractive.

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A carafe of white wine. Microwave and dishwasher safe. That will probably cost about the same as investing in a dog and most likely do more to create profitability. They operate in high-growth markets and require capital to grow, but the probability of success is unknown. A Challenge of Honour. Urban Dictionary is an art.