Trade show double decks

trade show double decks

One of the hottest trade show trends heading into 2017 is the two-story or double - decker display. And rightfully so, as there are a myriad of.
The ROI, return on investment, a double deck exhibit creates is actually worth the "most bang for the buck" splash it will create on the show floor. Did you know.
Our first-rate double deck exhibits and trade show booths maximize your vertical space and are proven to improve your visibility on the show floor.
Venus freeze plus of the most basic structural and safety concerns that your double deck has to meet involves weight capacity. Available for purchase or to rent. We take care of all insurance and regulatory documents for you. The extra space a second story provides can be used for many useful trade show double decks including treating your customers to a VIP experience, private demos or a branded atmosphere to network or seal those important deals. This is a huge benefit that only we can offer. Varied designs and detailed information give viewers the knowledge needed to make clear decisions. The feeling of privacy and exclusivity that is offered to clients and prospective customers cannot be ignored. trade show double decks

Trade show double decks - repair

In the often crowded trade show marketplace, it is mission critical for brands to make a powerful first impression. Unless changes are requested, our pricing is fixed from the moment you sign off. Creates a platform for a dominating elevated video wall. Contact us or give us a call today and let us design, build and install your dream conference booth that will always draw a crowd. Why Rent Trade Show Displays instead of purchase? Trade Show Double Deck Exhibits, Trade Show Double Deck Displays, by Image Design and Communications