Storm supervisor.slots.ports

storm supervisor.slots.ports

This can be verified from Storm UI as well as the number of worker-* logs It might have something to do with the setting supervisor. slots. ports.
Define the amount of workers that can be run on this machine. Each worker is assigned a port to use for communication. supervisor. slots. ports: -.
Here's a summary of the steps for setting up a Storm cluster: 4) supervisor. slots. ports: For each worker machine, you configure how many workers run on that. storm supervisor.slots.ports Storm HA on the cloud. Fill in mandatory configurations into Storm supervisor.slots.ports a big win. The supervisor will periodically run the scripts in the health check dir and check the output. Check the Storm UI to make sure the topology is up, running, and processing data. However, there is also a method on which seems to allow the number of workers to be defined. USPS RCA: Rural Carrier Associate