Split Second (1992 film)

Split Second (1992 film)

Split Second is not so much a movie as a cinematic crib sheet, cheerfully ripping off Jaws, Aliens, and Hauer's own Blade Runner, just to name a few. Which is.
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For a movie that's been called “an extremely stupid monster film ” and “utterly soulless and imitative,” I actually found that Split Second held up.

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American Horror Story: Roanoke. Sign up for Rotten Tomatoes. Video Downloader for Trailers. Thompson came up with the premise of global warming for the rewrite when someone mentioned casually that the level of the river Thames rises every year. London has been inundated with water due to never ending rains! My Life as a Zucchini Ma vie de courgette. A guilty pleasure, this one.

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There are no critic reviews yet for Split Second. Stone was unable to prevent the murder of his partner by a serial killer five years previously. A Series of Unfortunate Events. If your in the mood for a good b sci-fi action movie check it out. But over the course of the film the two develop a respect for each other. It's a horrific and possibly demonic form of life that is fast, savage, bloodthirsty and fixated upon killing Stone just as it previously killed his partner. However, as the policemen leave the scene with Michelle in a rescue dinghy, bubbles of air are seen breaking the surface of the water, suggesting that there may be more than one monster.

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Split Second (1992 film) If your in the mood for a good b sci-fi action movie check it. Number of bids and Split Second (1992 film) amounts may be slightly out of date. There Will Be No Hellboy III. An explosion in the rat population has caused some sort of rat virus to spread all over! The movie throws a bit of everything at the wall when it free the game of life app to the monster, and what makes it kind of work is that it never actually waits for any of it to stick, just tosses it up there and then leaves it hanging. We are going to need bigger guns, big fucking guns.
High lord wolnir fanart Cliche and predictable, yet more fun than any recent hollywood monster. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. In fact, each killing has been a deliberate attempt to lure Stone closer to his fate. The disc is not region locked and plays in any Blu-R. Www.1000 free games.com AgreementPrivacyCookies and AdChoice. Split Second (1992 film) a new rookie is assigned to him, Stone must find the killer, rescue his girlfriend and fight off his own inner demons as he gets closer and closer to his mysterious enemy.