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space bucket

Welcome! You have reached the home of the Space Buckets movement. We're an open community of indoor gardeners who like to build DIY grow chambers.
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Ekrof explains how to start growing marijuana for about $100 using a technique known as " Space Buckets " ‎ Materials Needed · ‎ How to Make Your Space Bucket · ‎ Optional Extras and Upgrades.
You can see I've used zip-ties to hold the space bucket strip to the side of the bucket's middle chamber. You space bucket find a more detailed guide at worldofdiscovery.infoI made that site to spread the design :. Use this easy template for your first Space Bucket. Place the light sockets on the walls of a spacer with a lid. On the inside of the main chamber, I've used MYLAR and tin-tape to create an all-around reflective surface. If you happen to have white buckets, this covering is optional, as the walls will be very reflective.