Komodo dragon true or false trivia

komodo dragon true or false trivia

Surprising facts about the world's largest lizard. of bacteria in a Komodo dragon's mouth--but, to be fair, that's true of our own mouths as well.
Komodo dragons are the largest living lizards in the world. They are identified by their massive size, flat heads, bowed legs and long, thick tails.
Frightening Facts About Komodo Dragons . All of that lying around can give a false impression of the dragons as slow and lethargic, but don't.

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Send us your photos, videos and tip-offs:. How long have Komodo Dragons lived on earth? In fact, one mother had never even shared an enclosure with a member of the opposite sex before. Despite its visible ear holes, dragons were formerly thought to be deaf. Komodo dragons have long, forked tongues that they use to help smell and taste.

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JAVA SMS Komodo dragons are carnivores, meaning they eat meat. There is a strict pecking order when it comes to eating, with the largest male asserting his dominance and digging in first, while the rest of the dragons join the feast in a determined size hierarchy. Many years ago, a Swiss tourist had strayed from the safety of the group and the protection of his guide. Australian mall crash pilot Max Quartermain was already under investigation. The game will teach them how to keep contact in the wild upon their release.
komodo dragon true or false trivia