Im so ugly and everyone else is pretty

im so ugly and everyone else is pretty

All my friends are pretty and outgoing but im so shy, ugly and insecure. i'm really sorry that you have to read all of this answer, but i promise.
I am so ugly. Cuz I'm pretty sure I'm ugly. xxbrokenperfectlyxx. Subscribe SubscribedUnsubscribe.
I don't want to hear them tell me I'm wrong, I'm ugly. of Elizabeth Taylor, described her kind of pretty as, " I'm pretty but I'm chubby so keep it quiet! I understood that my hometown market valued "blonde" above all else." Everyone agreed it was vain to say you are pretty, but especially without showing.
im so ugly and everyone else is pretty Take Hilary Duff for an example. That is why she recommended it. You will only have your own agenda in mind, if you do something like. Being a good person is a. How you feeling at the minute? But then I put the question to four of my twenty- and thirty-something friends instead, and discovered that rather than hand-wring about the issue, every one them had a totally figured-out narrative about their own prettiness and prettiness in general, full of exceptions and asterisks and rules, honed over a lifetime.