Draw a 60 degree angle

draw a 60 degree angle

The first angle we're going to construct is a 60 o angle —just like the one my buddy and I had to make Constructing 60 Degree Angle - Step 2.
60 Degree Angle. How to construct a 60 Degree Angle using just a compass and a straightedge. ▷. © 2015 worldofdiscovery.info Geometric Constructions.
This video shows how to construct a 60 degree angle using only a compass and straightedge.

Draw a 60 degree angle - buses from

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draw a 60 degree angle Pick a point on a line to be the vertex of your angle. You'll probably want to use a ruler to do this in order to keep things nice and tidy. This will be one of the arms of our angle. With the tip of the compass still on M, draw an arc so as to cut the ray MN at some point say P. Send fan mail to authors. Get the weekly newsletter! Sign up using Email and Password.