Chinese fortune telling sticks online

chinese fortune telling sticks online

Make a wish, then pick a fortune stick, look up the Chinese number in your fortune booklet and read your fortune! 100 fortune telling sticks in a nice red wood.
Kau Cim, Kau Chim or Lottery poetry is a fortune telling practice that originated in China in Kau Cim is often referred to as Chien Tung or Chinese Fortune Sticks by westerners. In the USA, a version has been sold since 1915 under the name.
Chien Tung. Chinese Fortune Sticks Also known as: qiú qiān, kau chim, zeichiku, siumsee. Take a calming breath, concentrate on your question and click on the.

Chinese fortune telling sticks online - free

Each stick, with its designated number, represents one answer. In many cases, an offering is made prior to the asking of the question in order to carry good favor from the higher powers. Following a successful fortune, interpretation may be needed to comprehend the answer. When a single stick falls out, the number will correspond to one of the hundred written oracles with an answer on it. This time, packaged in leather-covered tubes painted with ornate Chinese designs, but also with the old rhyming Chi Chi stick booklet so well known to some Americans. Click here to go back to Free Readings. Gong Hee Fot Choy, or. The fortune begins. Your bamboo stick will get. Kau Cim is a Chinese fortune telling practice of requesting. More Mahjong for Tablets and PC. The fortune begins with "Your luck for today". chinese fortune telling sticks online