Royal straight flush magic trick

royal straight flush magic trick

Here's a great magic trick and the best, easy way to deal yourself a royal flush in a seeming demonstration of poker. It requires more talking and.
So basically, I would like to see him do that same trick with any old although there is trickery at work, it is not an illusion and´╗┐ it is far from magic. . Look very closely, and you can notice how he slipped a royal flush.
Watch this insane visual card transformation. Poker is a game of luck!? I dont think so. royal straight flush magic trick They may cut as many times as they wish without destroying the order of the cards, as the halves simply revolve around each. The patter can take different forms that make them more entertaining. He continuously pulls cards out, and when he wants one of his royal flush cards, he simply moves his finger on the bottom, and pulls a card from the bottom instead of the top. Everybody is all in. They may pick the wrong cards.

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He said it was a favourite of Adrian Plate. Originally Posted by worldofdiscovery.infot. Place the five cards on top of the deck face down. Terms of Service -. You shuffle the cards and deal out seven hands of poker. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.