Sims freeplay neighbors fire hydrant

sims freeplay neighbors fire hydrant

Practice firefighting using neighbor's fire hydrant - The Sims FreePlay - Duration: FreePlay How-To 22.
Azyyati A. Halim The Sims FreePlay · July 21, 2013 at ·. I need neighbors with fire extinguisher. Help me I need a neighbor with a fire hydrant do add me. n i have 1 Anyone that still has a fire hydrant add me on the game center.
You need to go to a neighbours house that has the promotions r us store then ask them to put a fire hydrant in one of their houses, then just use.

Sims freeplay neighbors fire hydrant - powerpuff girls

My game center's name is infiniterani. Switch to another Sim. Ria Ayu Safitri fifi. What's your profile picture. Cant find anyone with a fire hydrant! Have a catnap in your neighbor's bed. I have became best f... Mine is Chloe Cartwright. I have two houses dedicated to social tasks and when I add someone I always tell them which house has what they need. I have a fire hydrant. Other The Sims Games. I'll buy a hydrant. So I can get things like a fire hydrant. sims freeplay neighbors fire hydrant