Safeway monopoly 2016 rare pieces

safeway monopoly 2016 rare pieces

Hey everyone just went to Safeway and they are doing monopoly not. I'm looking for Note: the larger prizes each have 2 rare pieces. Smaller.
It's that time of the year where you keep wondering what are the McDonalds Monopoly Canada 2016 Rare Pieces. You know, those small.
Instant Win 2016 Monopoly Ticket Results 13 Albertsons, Vons, Safeway, Pavilions The following.

Safeway monopoly 2016 rare pieces - basketball clipart

And i can provide proof. I STILL NEED ONE MORE! I know they are not the rarest, but anything to try to help someone else. Thank you for doing this last year and getting the site up so fast this year, so I can bookmark it right away! Please reach out to me with the missing numbers: Let us blow this Popsicle, email me if you are around DC. Those rare pieces that you can glue on the game board year after year and that you finally never fill entirely. Mandy, I have almost everything you are looking for. safeway monopoly 2016 rare pieces
I am also willing buy this piece from you If you still have it can you respond back to my comment? Jewel Monopoly Game. We are all spending plenty at this store and yet we can't even win the simplest of prices! I have one, as well, that I would like to sell. Here is the link. I have the following pieces if you are look to trade with me keep in mind i live in the middle of Washington near Seattle and Bellevue.

Triple: Safeway monopoly 2016 rare pieces

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