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Reach 10 million subscribers, and you'll be awarded the Diamond Play Button. It's the highest award there is, and shows you're one of the biggest creators on.
YouTube Play Buttons, a part of the YouTube Creator Rewards, are a recognition by YouTube of its most popular channels. These are distinct from YouTube. This Surprise Proposal Will Give You Serious Goosebumps. Retrieved from " Need To Tell A Friend How Beautiful They Are? Who Is Jordan Bone? We Made A 'Damn Daniel' Video Of Dan Howell - Because Of Course We Did. YOUTUBE SENT ME THE BRONZE PLAY BUTTON

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QUIZ: We Know Which Moana Character You Are Based On Your Fave YouTuber. Dear Trollstation, This Is NOT How Women Have Their Periods. Just taking all that aside for a minute, YouTube really has given me everything. Why Is YouTube Verifying Hateful Creators Who Post Fake News? OPINION: Dear Brands, It's Time To Ditch The Term "Influencer". Where can I get my Graphite Play Button? Sexting Ban Proposed By UK Government. youtube play button