White sugar caramel popcorn recipe

white sugar caramel popcorn recipe

The crunchy, slightly salty, sweet popcorn drives me crazy! And the day I found Why: To transform plain white sugar into dark, sweet, caramel.
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Do you ever crave that old cinema classic, caramel popcorn, at home? Throw some nuts in there and you have your very own homemade version 1/2 cup sugar 2 tbsp water 1 handful of peanuts Step 1: Pop Your Popcorn.

White sugar caramel popcorn recipe - official

I was making for a gift but I'll have to remake it with less salt, probably half as much. Once the mixture has completely caramelized, pour half over the popcorn and mix together. This dries out the popcorn and makes it very crunchy. When the sugar reaches a caramel color, remove from the heat. Parchment paper or silpats. white sugar caramel popcorn recipe Easy Homemade Caramel Corn Recipe