Swtor lord of the oceans

swtor lord of the oceans

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SWTOR Codex Entry: Lord of the Oceans. We are compiling a list of all codex entries with guides on how to get them.
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Swtor lord of the oceans - watch live

Because during the story dialogue, Aric says the title was awarded posthumously when the character is believed to be killed during Chapter I. They told me they could not reward me the title since my character was not eligible. There are four alignment titles in the game. I left him alive in my play through and I still have the title. It seems there is another requirement to get this title though they did not share with me what this was. Official Guides and Links. SWTOR Referal Link: worldofdiscovery.info. Legacy Title: Lord of the Oceans. Any tips are much appreciated. U USDOI get Ragkhoul bane if u complete Kaon and u where not getting the debuff from the mobs that will explode. They somehow made it both factions likely a bug. Then again the SWTOR achievement window is confusing to me. Chamber of Speech- This quest is located on Tython and it is only for JK and JC.