How to read multiple lines in python

how to read multiple lines in python

I am new to Python and I was trying to workout an interviewstreet . Show us your code so we can see where the error is located Btw -- is this.
How to read and write files in Python, using the built-in methods this we've written to our file, and we can also write multiple lines with the.
You're looking for with open('') as f: lines = [] while True: line = list(islice(f, 10)) #islice returns an iterator,so you convert it to. how to read multiple lines in python
Here is my solution. The with open 'a' as f line opens a file handle, but does not read the file. In addition it has a. Thanks for the suggestion :. First line contains two integers N and M. Two useful hooks are. Also, note that this is overkill for your problem.