Tera online dragons treasure pics

tera online dragons treasure pics

I dont know at what section to put this,so i put here. The quest is named Dagon's Treasure and i dont know where to find the holy chests.
I think I'm losing my mind, I can't find these things anywhere and there are no quest links.
Template picture - Missing pictures, This section is missing pictures. v • e • c (16) Southern Shara (Dungeons) · Articles missing pictures. Add category. Cancel. The Red Lash pirates are bad news. I'd probably be a pirate slave-or worse-if it weren't for class like you. They'll have their most powerful warriors guarding that place. Keep your eyes open. Ibar I'm glad you're here. tera online dragons treasure pics
BAM Knaller ! ! ! Merkur Dragons Treasure

Tera online dragons treasure pics - contestants

Don't ask me how we know this, but the nagas have been hiding away treasure somewhere in the Temple of Dagon, presumably to use as an offering. Now the federation will have the means to fight the argons, and we owe it to you,. Create your own and start something epic. Valren Look at these! Let's see what's here!