Robin Hoods Delight

Robin Hoods Delight

Robin Hood's Delight is Child ballad 136. It is a story in the Robin Hood canon which has survived as, among other forms, a late seventeenth-century English.
Robin Hood's Delight: OR, A merry Combate fought against Robin Hood, little John To the Tune of, Robin Hood and Queen Katherine, or, Robin Hood and the.
ROBIN HOODS DELIGHT: “Robin was valiant and stout, So was Scarelock and John in the field, But these Keepers stout did give them rout, And made them all. The Bonnie Earl O' Moray. King Arthur and King Cornwall. And in the forest of merry Sheerwood. Till all their winde was spent and gone. Jock the Leg and the Merry Merchant. Fair Margaret and Sweet William. There is some will talk of lord and knights.

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The Fair Flower of Northumberland. Please go to for more information. Jock o' the Side. The Death of Parcy Reed. You meet with bold Robin Hood. Verse: "Ther's some will talk of Lords and...

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