Portinari altarpiece by hugo van der goes

portinari altarpiece by hugo van der goes

From Galleria degli Uffizi, Hugo van der Goes, Portinari Altarpiece (open) (ca. Tempera and oil on wood panel, 141 × 253 cm.
The Portinari Triptych was painted in response to a commission from the Florentine, Tommaso Portinari, who was the Medici's envoy in Bruges, and who later.
Hugo van der Goes and the Portinari Altarpiece. During the Renaissance there was a significant amount of trade between Italy and Flanders. All, except Pigello, are accompanied by their patron saints: Saint Thomas with the spearSaint Anthony with the FiveThirtyEightMary Magdalen with the pot shogun showdown key card ointment and Saint Margaret with the book and the dragon. Flemish painters such as. Look how well the artist has portrayed the facial expressions of the three men. Intended to commemorate his success in Flanders, the. In the centre middle-ground we have the Virgin Mary with eyes closed, contemplative and in prayer. Add to your shelf. portinari altarpiece by hugo van der goes The Adoration of the Shepherds, detail - Hugo van der Goes