Meaning of phoenix and dragon

meaning of phoenix and dragon

Are you curious to know why the dragon and phoenix are a popular feng shui cure for a harmonious marriage? What is the meaning behind.
The phoenix is a mythical bird which represents beauty, good luck and southern direction in China. The bird is also considered as a symbol of.
In total balance the dragon and the phoenix create a happy celestial couple. A statue or painting of a dragon and a phoenix is a symbol of marital bliss and. meaning of phoenix and dragon The Peach Blossom Spring. Bringing you a unique cultural experience! Even the bed he sleep on was called "dragon bed", while throne be the "dragon seat", other Chinese vocabularies like "phoenix carriage" and so on were common to show their heaven-sent status. Investiture of the Gods. It Will Bring You Luck to Display Your Chinese Zodiac. China Travel by Train.