Holdem manager waiting for hands

holdem manager waiting for hands

Also, when 888 its running, and ive got hm2 running, i get no hud stats, all i see is waiting for hands Can anyone help with this aswell. Thanks.
Stáhnul jsem si trial verzi HEM 2 s plánem pořádně to vyzkoušet a poté zakoupit full verzi, ale když zapnu buď sitko, nebo i cashku.
When I open a table I see the HUD widget on the top left corner that reads " Waiting for hands " but after many many hands stays like that and  HM Cloud. holdem manager waiting for hands But how do i replay them? We need to wait for them to release a new update addressing this issue. I'm getting a constant "waiting for hands. Mousetrap checked the folders listed in the Site Setup window and the main one seems like the right one. That's What She Said! Super soft poker room small sample.

Team game: Holdem manager waiting for hands

Holdem manager waiting for hands 209
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