Function for redirect in php

function for redirect in php

Explains how to use a PHP redirection to redirect url to a new page or website using php headers() function and various HTTP headers for SEO.
header('Location: destination. php '); exit();. This is a completely acceptable way to code your pages, but I prefer to use a redirect function instead. Why? It's much.
Source #Source. File: wp-includes/pluggable. php function wp_redirect ($location, $status = 302) {. global $is_IIS ;.

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THESE HEADERS WILL PREVENT DOWNLOAD ON IE!!! Many frameworks already have a function built in that does this for you, if you are building your own scripts without a framework, I often like to write a nice little php redirect function that looks something like this:. Which might be not true at all. Does anyone know how to do this? OR , use this line if are not server side :.
function for redirect in php