Detroit lions player dies during game

detroit lions player dies during game

Detroit Lions cheerleaders look on in stunned silence as Detroit's Chuck It remains the greatest tragedy to have ever occurred during an NFL game. especially to the stunned crowd of fans, the players, and a press.
Only one NFL player had died on the field - Detroit Lions WR Chuck Hughes on October 24, On October 24, 1971 while playing for the Detroit Lions, he.
It remains the greatest tragedy and only death ever to occur during a NFL game. October 24, It began as a prototypical Bears, Lions game day. A chilly autumn wind He popped up immediately and ran back to the Detroit huddle. It was the . Position Players Report: Photos and quick observations.
Giving Is Good detroit lions player dies during game Dick Butkus, Chicago line backer, was the first to reach him and called for the Lions' doctors from the sidelines. Then she worried that maybe a dental plate had come loose and lodged in his throat. Just a few weeks earlier at an exhibition game he had complained of chest pains but was cleared to play funny classroom game free. I'm not as happy as I'd like to be. She calls him "a man's man," always wanting to hang out with the guys, talking about football or playing golf.